What is a simple and effective LISA NOTO routine?

What is a simple and effective LISA NOTO routine?

What is a simple and effective LISA NOTO routine?

Few multifunctional products

All LISA NOTO products have multiple functions. Whether it's skincare, makeup or fragrance, they provide benefits for the skin, can be used in multiple places and offer an olfactory experience that improves our overall health and well-being.
For example, LISA NOTO lip gloss is moisturizing, beautifies the lips and has a cocoa scent that makes you feel good.

The bronzing powder is soothing for the skin, protecting it with its anti-bacterial plants and minerals that provide a sunscreen equivalent to SPF 20. It is also moisturizing. It enhances the beauty of your face, brings radiance and a halo of health and can be applied as a contour to define the features, as a blush, as an eye shadow and as a "foundation" type powder that evens out your complexion.

Quality formulas that feel good on the skin and last all day

All of our formulas are 100% natural and made with skin-friendly ingredients. The plants and vegetable oils will soothe, act as antioxidants (anti-aging elements), protect and moisturize the skin. Our products work throughout the day for your comfort and well-being. The makeup has been developed by our laboratories, experts in the field. Our standards are high. From her experience as a model and actress, Lisa Noto endorses nothing less than long-lasting, well-pigmented products for a successful makeup look that will last from morning to night without smudging.

An easy-to-use beauty routine

LISA NOTO offers a routine with only a few products that work in synergy to optimize each of your beauty routines.

Try the konjac sponge to clean your face impeccably. The floral water will then soothe and tone the skin. Our signature product, Moringa oil, is applied to skin that is still wet. The gel texture base forms a shield that keeps the skin moisturized inside. Applying the few makeup products on a smooth and hydrated skin becomes a child's play. Above all, have fun alternating products and using them in different ways. The eye cream at night, the gel-textured base during the day; the concealer and bronzer one day, the tinted cream and cream blush the next. All of our products work perfectly together to give the same result: skin that glows with health and natural beauty.


LISA NOTO designs products that you want to use every day, because they feel good, are easy to use and effective. Let's try to find products that offer more for our money to minimize our carbon footprint. It's good for our time, our well-being and that of the planet.

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