Our social involvement

LISA NOTO natural cosmetics has been a partner with the Planet app from the Shopify Sustainability Fund since November 2022. This means that we are now funding companies that demonstrate effective solutions to climate change, develop them at scale and commercialize them with the aim of creating a strong long-term impact.

How does this work in practice?
As our orders come in and carbon emissions are calculated, Shopify purchases carbon offsets and takes them out of circulation on behalf of our company.

In just the last two months, we've eliminated 6kg of shipping emissions.

implication sociale et carbone neutre

For the year 2022, as part of our GIVE BACK philosophy, we have made a donation to the organization On Sème which aims to encourage the development of a sustainable community and local agri-food system by valuing the work of local producers and creators.

organisme on sème en partenariat avec LISA NOTO


In June 28, 2022, We planted the wonderful Moringa seeds, the miraculous tree,  in the urban vegetable garden On Sème in Outremont with the collaboration of Hamidou Horticulture. These arrived from Africa in great shape and the color blue. Why? Because this color is a guarantee of quality and security. It means that the precious seed has been disinfected and is ready for export. Twenty seeds were planted in two rows, at a depth of about 3 cm and a separation of 50 cm.

We then watered the soil well. Moringa oleifera, the most commonly grown species and the one we planted, is a small, fast growing tree. Often 8 to 10 m high, sometimes a little more, it has a wide open umbrella-shaped crown. Its branches droop and its bark is smooth, light to grayish green in color. It tends to be deeply rooted. The leaves are eaten and are part of the daily menu in many countries in Africa, Asia and South America. 

In their natural environment of origin (Indian rainforest), Moringa trees can grow up to 5 meters high in less than six months, which makes it difficult to harvest the leaves and seed pods (from which the precious oil is extracted).

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In 2021, LISA NOTO worked in partnership with the COOP Arbre-Évolution in order to promote the well-being of communities through a symbiosis between the forest, humans and their environment.

Here are the actions of our GIVE BACK philosophy that were taken as part of the COOP's Social Reforestation program.

To learn more about the project ->arbre-evolution.org/cegestjean2021


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