LISA NOTO, a woman who inspires well-being

The story of LISA NOTO, founder of the company, is fascinating. It arouses the interest of anyone who is curious about the worlds of modelling, fashion, wellness and entrepreneurship. Because she is involved in projects that aim to protect the environment, including increasing accessibility of urban agriculture, everyone can feel connected to and be inspired by her work.
Partly Italian of origin, Lisa landed her first modeling contract in Italy at the age of 18. This career, which she fell into by chance, allowed her to, among other things, spend long periods in Japan and New York. Although she never felt that she belonged to the world of fashion, she made connections with makeup artists and through them she discovered an interest in skin health, makeup and natural skincare products.
Physical activity and health had always been of great importance for her. Meditation helped her find balance and led her to study Naturopathy. She then learned all she could about anatomy, chemistry, aromatherapy, parfumerie, homeopathy and Ayurveda, a traditional Indian holistic health practice.
Coming from family of self-taught entrepreneurs with extremely diverse interests, she has launched two businesses over the past 10 years: LISA NOTO natural cosmetics and TUKUAN, the maker of an eco-responsible overskirt.
In 2013, LISA NOTO had a soft launch that attracted attention in the world of  fashion and in the media. In 2014, LISA NOTO was officially launched, with an event that included a jam-packed fashion show.
The company which is now expanding into English Canada, the United States and Europe, promotes simplicity, diversity, inclusion and well-being for all.
LISA NOTO's mission is to send a message of simplicity and well-being as a way of life. Through her work, she is trying to raise awareness among women of the importance of taking care of their health using natural products that are better for your skin and for the environment.


LISA NOTO et Arbre-Evolution

For each order made in our online store, we help fund green initiatives.

 Since fall 2021, LISA NOTO has partnered with Arbre-Evolution, a solidarity cooperative that promotes the well-being of communities through a symbiosis between the forest, humans and their environment.

 Learn more about our latest food forest project at CEGEP de St-Jean-sur-Richelieu ->  arbre-evolution.org/cegestjean2021


Soldiers of Creation (SOC), born out of necessity, is a socially-conscious social enterprise founded by Amy in 2016. She saw a gap in affordable, customizable, and inclusive services that were available for survivors, and wanted to provide a gender-inclusive, judgment-free space for others to share about their experience, and ultimately gain support and learn about resources to eliminate the feeling of powerlessness.

LISA NOTO is involved with SOC in different ways, through blog posts about self-care, empowerment, meditation, and by devoting herself to different workshops.

Visit their website to learn more about the programs and services they offer: soldiersofcreation.ca