difference between bb cream and cc cream

The tinted moisturizer: a BB cream, CC cream or else?

For those looking for a perfect natural complexion, tinted moisturizer is the ideal product. A small amount is enough to moisturize, conceal small imperfections and give a healthy glow. BB cream, CC cream or DD cream, are the new generation of tinted creams that are multi-functional.

In simple terms, a tinted moisturizer is a day care product combined with foundation pigments. In a single step, it moisturizes and covers in a light and natural way. Ideal for women in a hurry, those who don't want to apply several products on their face or who are looking for a light coverage.

Tinted moisturizer is ideal when the skin does not have too many flaws, because its coverage remains light to medium. 

With the popularity of tinted moisturizers, new variations have appeared on the makeup and beauty market. You may have heard of BB cream, CC cream, DD cream...What are these new generation tinted creams worth and for whom are they intended?

différence entre bb crème et cc crème


Halfway between a moisturizer and a makeup product, they each target specific needs and offer coverage. It should be noted, however, that the coverage offered is not as opaque as a foundation or powder.

What is a BB cream? Created in Germany, it was quickly adopted in the beauty rituals in Korea. It was used to conceal the effects of a laser peel. With its thick, creamy texture, BB cream has a dual function: to heal and to make up. The term comes from the English word Beauty Balm, which can be translated as beauty balm. The reason it's so popular is that it's a true 3-in-1 skin care product that promises to even out, correct and illuminate your skin. The perfect fusion of skincare and makeup!

If Korean women were the first to use it to soothe their skin after plastic surgery, BB cream now has many followers around the world. A true skin care product, it is ideal for those who can't stand the feeling of foundation or who find it too covering, or for those who appreciate the bare skin effect.

Sometimes less covering than the BB, the CC (Color Correct) creams however correct more effectively the imperfections of the complexion thanks to pigments of different colors. They are perfect for people with redness or pigmentation spots. For example, you can find greenish CCs that neutralize redness or peach-colored skincare products that restore radiance to tired complexions. As their texture is lighter, they can be used as a makeup base.

What is DD Cream?

The DD cream for "Daily Defense" has a real vocation of protection of the epidermis especially against the UVA and UVB. Thus this DD cream compared to the 2 first versions proposes:

- a high sun protection index,
- anti-free radical molecules to protect the epidermis against pollution,
- a hydration function,
- intelligent pigments like the CC cream.

Important difference: the DD cream is much more fluid in texture than the BB and CC and it will be aimed more particularly at women concerned about protecting their skin outdoors against climatic aggressions and pollution. The range could have stopped there, but this was without counting on the ingenuity of cosmetics manufacturers.

difference between bb cream and cc cream

EE cream stands for "Energy Enhanser" 

Indeed, EE creams have first of all a protective action. The protection index they contain is about 30. As an indication, the solar protection of a traditional foundation does not exceed 18, at best 20.
In addition, they contain moisturizing active ingredients, which strengthen the hydrolipidic film so that it provides better protection for the epidermis.
It also contains real cell-boosting agents, such as antioxidants like vitamin E and vitamin C, but also flavonoids, powerful antioxidants responsible for the color of the flowers.
As far as pigments are concerned, this type of cream has few shades, only 3, for most brands. But that's enough!

The GG Crème: what is it?

Well no, the series does not stop with EE creams with a direct passage to the GG creams which are the very last ones produced manufacturers of cosmetics. GG for "Glam Bronze" or "Genius Glow" which promises a 5-in-1 effect, i.e. obtaining:


  • an instant healthy glow,
  • hydration,
  • unified complexion, 
  • a transparent, sun-kissed complexion
  • sun protection with an index 25. 

The benefits of this cream are also a non-comedogenic effect, no self-tanning and a vacation fragrance. There is currently only one shade available, called the universal shade, which may not be suitable for all skin tones.


A foundation is usually applied after a moisturizer, is used to even out the skin tone and is more pigmented than a BB or CC cream. It does not usually offer any special care to the skin except a light SPF protection.

It has much higher coverage and a wider range of shades to choose from.

I personally don't use foundation on a daily basis, but I wouldn't hesitate to do so for an evening makeup or maybe a photo shoot with a photographer.


A tinted cream to unify the complexion when there are no real imperfections, a CC-cream to unify when there is redness or even small spots and finally a BB-cream to conceal the imperfections with better coverage.

At LISA NOTO, we consider that our tinted moisturizer is truly an hybrid makeup products that include skincare + makeup. it provides several benefits that are found in the various cream derivatives to obtain a healthy-looking skin and for this reason, we have simply decided to call it by its common name, the origin of all the others, and to add the list of benefits on its product page, in our online store.

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