Our volumizing mascara: more than just makeup

Our black volumizing mascara is almost ten years old. We've sold a few thousand and very few customers have complained about this star product.

It's gentle yet effective, with a simple formula that combines lash health treatment with ingredients that make lashes thicker, shinier, and fuller all day long.

Why is our mascara more than a makeup product?

Because it contains castor oil and vitamin E, a winning combination for lash growth and strengthening. These two products act as a serum to keep lashes shiny and act on their regrowth.

Herbs such as thyme and rosemary are anti-bacterial. This means that they protect the eyes from possible reactions and infections.

Jojoba oil deeply moisturizes for healthy, supple lashes. This oil is an ideal ally for hair in search of volume. Its repairing and enriching properties will help your lashes grow faster while regaining their natural vitality.

Finally, our mascara has been approved by hyper-sensitive eyes since the beginning. We have not conducted clinical trials, but our customers regularly confirm by email that eyes that could not tolerate mascara are now happy with LISA NOTO Volumizing Mascara. Moreover, our mascara is:

  • Free of synthetic colors that often cause allergic reactions
  • Ideal for those who wear contact lenses
  • Compatible with lash extensions
  • Easily removed with a cotton pad, pure vegetable oil or our ultra-gentle face wash + makeup remover.


It is not waterproof because the ingredients used for waterproof products tend to dry out the lashes and even irritate them. However, it is water-resistant.

Have you tried our black volumizing mascara? Let us know what you think in the comments.


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