Are you aware that your health and that of your skin depend above all on what you put on your plate?

Human nature is such that we must eat cyclically in order to have the necessary energy to live.

Make sure you optimize the power of your immune system, nourish and cherish your ecosystem (microbiota) with the best.

Remove doubt and fear and refocus your energy on your physical and inner and self. Being proactive and taking charge of your health is not to be trivialized, on the contrary you will realize that you are in charge. And moreover, you will soon realize that your outer appearance is a perfect reflection of the fuel you ingest: food, drink and so on.

Becoming aware of this step at a young age opens the door to greater freedom. Nature, autonomous thanks to its capacity for self-regulation, its virtuous system that adapts to the most destabilizing conditions, must be observed and taken as an example.

A healthy skin must be honored both from the inside and the outside. At LISA NOTO we can help you regain comfort and well-being through the power of nature, so don't forget to nourish yourself consciously as well.

  • The avocado, to reveal a luminous complexion. This fruit provides vitamin E to your skin, which increases its luminosity and vitality. Magic you say? Enjoy and glow ;-)
  • Broccoli, thanks to the vitamins B, C, E, K and A it contains, repairs damaged tissue! Preferably steamed, or even better, raw.
  • Artichokes are the anti-oxidant superhero and are full of fiber! In addition to being delicious, they give the skin a healthier, brighter glow. It also works to reduce cholesterol and aids digestion.
    Steaming is best to retain its properties.
  • Nuts are richly endowed with iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, copper, manganese. A complete food to effectively help fight against skin infections, overproduction of sebum, acne and untimely cravings.
  • Garlic, thanks to its anti-bacterial properties, actively participates in the fight against skin infections and even acne. Consume without worrying.
  • Dark chocolate, and only dark, rich in cocoa, which must be the main ingredient, is rich in polyphenols. It aids in driving out free radicals, delays and minimizes the installation of small wrinkles. One to two squares a day for life!


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