We know that feeling of cultivating a bad habit when we do something that doesn't make us feel good. Worse, these habits weigh us down more and more over time. In our young adult life, this can demonstrate a certain rebellious nature toward life. We flaunt our bad habit as a way to show that we are not followers. We make our own decisions and too bad if they are wrong.
After all, life isn't perfect, why should we?

But with time, this type of behaviour begins to take a toll on us. As the years go by, we realize that the only person it hurts is ourselves. However it manifests, bad behavior, our mood, the way we think or eat, the way we perceive ourselves or life ("stressful life"), the bad habit traps us in a role that we slowly begin to despise. This state of mind is far from helping our development which is the natural course of human life. By cultivating good habits and discarding bad ones, we grow steadily and joyfully to the climax which is our unification with the cosmos, our return to the source, to the infinitely great. In my opinion, this is what life is all about; making the most of it, emancipating ourselves and freeing ourselves, one step at a time, from bad habits that weigh us down and replacing them with good habits that make us feel good. Life is short and precious. It is possible to feel better by stopping habits that are detrimental. Here are some simple rules that can quickly change a bad habit for a good one.


To stop a bad habit, it is important to replace it with a good one, no matter how small. Adopting a new habit that feels good will lead to a feeling of well-being that will inspire other good habits. Feeling good reconnects us to our inner selves which reveals what really defines us as individuals, what makes us happy and in the long run what we really want in life. It can be as simple as taking a walk, dancing, drawing, writing, cooking, starting a project that is important to us, etc. The important thing is that it is a moment for ourselves, that reflects our interests and that is practiced every day for at least 20 minutes :) in this sense, stopping a bad habit is a conscious decision that must be made and acted upon every day. Some would call it self-discipline, but I prefer to call it a conscious exercise of coming back to oneself, a connection with oneself that must be done daily, without exception. Do you charge your cell phone every day? I think so; very few people forget. However, we forget ourselves and become strangers to our own desires. A new habit that feels good can stop a bad habit. This is more than a fair exchange, it is the key to personal growth.

To stop a bad habit, we can simply take the shortest route and meditate. This exercise heals our wounds, judgements, insecurities and blockages quickly if we practice daily. Indeed, meditation opens the door to our inner self, which is greater than our limiting beliefs. By closing our eyes, sitting Indian-style in a quiet area of the house, we become aware of who we really are, multidimensional beings who are fortunate to be on earth for a reason unique to each of us. We understand that our negative habits are barriers to the multiple possibilities that are open to us. Life becomes the theater of a reality that we can think differently, if only we take the time to calm our mind and listen to our inner voice. Life becomes an adventure and the meditation exercise is the way home.


Stopping a bad habit is also done through therapy. There are many therapeutic disciplines available to us and it is wonderful. We all go to the doctor from time to time, as our heads and hearts also need care. When we want to break a bad habit, we need to be well surrounded and it is not always the people around us who can help us. They often don't have the right tools, have biases, are too busy with their own problems or worse, feel threatened by our empowerment. Research the different therapeutic disciplines and above all, be alert and listen to yourself if the connection is not happening between you and the therapist. They are human beings like you, and this one may not be right for you.
Some of the various therapies available that I have tried and found to be beneficial include: psychotherapy, art therapy (the power of creativity!), sound therapy (fantastic for singers at heart), massage therapy (yes, our bodies are intelligent and contain harmful traumas that can be alleviated by massage therapy). These are beneficial relationships to be maintained regularly, year after year.
Ultimately, the solution to stopping a bad habit is your hand. Find what makes you feel good and do it every day. Be kind to yourself as you would to a child who needs help. Too often we have learned to suppress who we really are in favor of what society expects of us. The bad habit covers an anxiety that is directly related to the lack of self-knowledge and what makes us feel good. Ready to adopt new habits one step at a time?
Above all, enjoy the journey!
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