Our eco-conscious process that respects the Planet

Our eco-conscious process that respects the Planet

LISA NOTO Natural Cosmetics is proud to be eco-conscious. But what does this expression, that is slowly but surely making its way into our culture, really mean?
First of all, the definition of conscience is one who has full and clear knowledge of what he/she is doing or experiencing, of the existence or reality of something: To be aware of the danger, to make a conscious, knowing action. Eco is the abbreviation of the word ecology. According to the Larousse dictionary, it is the science of the relationships of living beings (animals, plants, micro-organisms) with their environment, as well as with other living beings.

Thus, to be eco-conscious is to be aware of the existence of our environment, which includes the planet, nature, animals and human beings, and to take consequent actions to keep a balance that supports the life of our eco-system, which is intrinsically linked between its parts. Here's how, at LISA NOTO, we are eco-conscious.

At the product level:

We use natural ingredients that are plant based, pure oils and vitamins. They do not pollute and do not affect the health of the skin and body. In fact, our products are free of petroleum derivatives whose production pollutes the environment (greenhouse gas emissions and much more), synthetic colors (carcinogenic and allergenic), talc (carcinogenic, causing respiratory problems) and parabens (endocrine disruptors).
They are made by a manufacturer who respects labor standards and quality production.

Our products are not tested on animals, nor do they contain any animal ingredients except for the beeswax which is organic. Our beeswax suppliers respect the lives of bees and do not threaten their survival in the wax making process. The production is attuned with the rhythm of the bees' work. The farmers do not yield to the pressure of the current market logic that encourages overproduction. Our beekeepers are deeply committed to the reduction of bee mortality by naturally reversing the rate through the selection and reproduction of hardy queen bees adapted to their environment. Their protective care of our colonies is a continuous process and their expertise is an example to all for the purpose of advancement of apiary science.

At the production level:

We combine the production of several products at the same time so that shipments are made less often and in larger quantities. Sometimes some products are not available for several weeks but we prefer to have a slower pace rather than polluting.

LISA NOTO perfume oils are made in Montreal, our pure, organic and fair trade Moringa oil comes from India. Our manufacturer is respectful of labor standards and the land on which the Moringa trees grow. The oils are bottled in Quebec and our skin care products are developed and manufactured in Quebec and Canada to encourage local employment and reduce travel related to the delivery of goods.


We prefer glass containers that are reusable and cardboard boxes that protect fragile products and are fully recyclable. Our in-store displays are made of wood, by hand, by Montreal artisans. Product orders are sent in fully recyclable boxes. One of our delivery partners is Courant + , a delivery company in Montreal whose mandate is to emit no greenhouse gases and to reduce the nuisances caused by traditional transportation of goods in cities (traffic jams, noise, accidents, fine particles, etc.). Indeed, Courant + delivers your parcels with electric transport and cargo bikes.

Our philosophy is to offer less, a better quality and more resourceful. Our products are designed for all skin types. Simple, gentle and effective, they can be used by the whole family. They will always be designed to meet several needs at the same time. For example, the textured gel base is both a moisturizer and a makeup base. In this sense, we encourage responsible and moderate purchasing thus reducing the impact on the planet's health.

On a social level:

The image of the LISA NOTO client, is one of diversity of appearance, inclusiveness, health and well-being. We believe in the importance of our social responsibility as a cosmetics and beauty company. We are regularly involved in community projects that encourage mutual aid, respect, and love for ourselves and others. LISA NOTO's female and male models are chosen and treated with respect; the treatment of our images is minimal in order to show the faces and objects related to the company in their most honest form.

LISA NOTO and Arbre-Evolution:

In 2021, LISA NOTO gave back to Arbre-Évolution as part of the COOP's Social Reforestation program. This organization has carried out over 175 projects in the province of Quebec to promote the well-being of communities through a symbiosis between the forest, humans and their environment.

On October 21 and 22, 2021, Arbre-Évolution and its dynamically driven team transformed nearly 300 square meters of grass into a nourishing multi-functional forest, thanks to the help of CÉGEP employees as well as some fifty volunteers from the Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmetics Canada Group and Lisa Noto Natural Cosmetics. Approached at the beginning of the year by the CÉGEP de Saint-Jean through the Social Reforestation Program, our Coop took charge of the characterization of the site, the conceptualization of the plans, the supply of plants and materials as well as the execution of the work on site.

This large-scale project containing more than 200 herbaceous plants, fruit bushes and trees will have many benefits for the college community and the environment, whether it be in terms of aviary life, pollinators, greenhouse gases or the food needs of the campus:

"Among other things, the development of the edible forest will help increase biodiversity on our grounds with the goal of re-naturalizing them and increasing our community's local food self-sufficiency, while providing a wide variety of fresh, native foods," says Melanie Jo Lacerte, assistant director of material resources and sustainable development.

For more information on the project: https://www.arbre-evolution.org/cegestjean2021

In the way we work:

LISA NOTO thinks about a healthy environment for its team. We favor flexible hours, employee independence, creativity and respect for each person's unique character and lifestyle. Environmentally, we use public transportation, bicycles or walking to get around. Meetings with our partners outside of Montreal are regularly conducted via FaceTime to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from car travel. We consolidate car travel in a conscious, responsible and efficient manner to reduce our ecological footprint. Recycling is a priority and office materials, such as furniture, are mostly sourced from second hand stores. We maintain a zero waste kitchen, without plastic or cardboard, with basic ingredients shared among us and bought in bulk.

This is how we are eco-conscious at LISA NOTO. Do you have other suggestions for improving our methods? Share them by leaving a comment.

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