Protect your skin from the sun's rays

Protect your skin from the sun's rays

Did you know that LISA NOTO natural cosmetics do so much more for the health of your skin? With the warm weather comes the sun, which can be harmful to the skin if not properly protected.

Here is a list of LISA NOTO products and their ingredients that help keep skin healthy and younger looking despite damage from environmental aggressors and UVA/UVB rays.

First, if there is one complete skin care product that helps protect and heal the skin, it is our pure Moringa oil. This is because it contains 46 types of antioxidants that will fight the free radical damage created by the sun's rays. Using this antioxidant-filled oil slows down the signs of skin aging and even the onset of certain cancers and other diseases. In addition, the improvement of the skin's appearance and suppleness on a daily basis is achieved through the collagen that is naturally found in Moringa oil.

It is also excellent as an after sun treatment as it contains 36 anti-inflammatory compounds that soothe the skin and reduce redness. It has seven times more vitamin C than an orange. This valuable vitamin provides the skin with the antioxidants it needs to fight external harmful factors such as UV rays and pollution. It increases collagen synthesis to reduce wrinkles and slows down the excessive production of melanin to reduce the appearance of pigmentation spots due to exposure to the sun. In short, it provides true photo-protection against the sun.

This powerful combination is excellent for all skin types and very soothing for problem skin.

 huile de Moringa LISA NOTO

The Textured Gel Base is another excellent product to protect against damage from UVA/UVB rays. It also contains vitamin C, in addition to vitamin E, which is highly antioxidant as it protects the skin from irreversible damage caused by the presence of free radicals.

Other key ingredients in the Textured Gel Base? Green tea extract which has an antioxidant action and fights against skin aging. Rosehip oil has an exceptional content of essential fatty acids, it is a key component in regenerating tissue and also helps reduce skin pigmentation.
Another exceptional ingredient is aloe vera gel, which has therapeutic, soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. It relieves skin injuries such as sunburns, burns and inflammation.

 Base texture gel soin de la peau lisa noto

Organic beeswax which has anti-inflammatory and healing properties, and is also found in our lip glosses and tinted moisturizers.

Buriti oil prevents sun damage and protects against skin dehydration. It is extremely rich in antioxidants and is also in our bronzing powder.

Lavender is healing, regenerating, soothing and balancing. It is in all our makeup products.

Shea butter repairs and softens, and is a  perfect after-sun treatment. It is found in our detoxifying activated bamboo charcoal mask, our tinted moisturizers, our lip glosses, our Very rich hand cream and our Eye contour cream, among others.

Since the beginning in 2013, LISA NOTO has prioritized your skin's health first.

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En utilisant l’huile de moringa et la base texture gel la peau est protégé contre les rayons du soleil UVA/UVB

Micheline Vezina

J’utilise déjà votre crème de base texture gel et votre poudre bronzante . Est-ce que pourrais applique huile avant la crème de base.
J’aime les activités extérieures surtout durant la saison estivale , comment dois-je bien protéger mon visage au rayon du soleil . Est-ce qu’il existe une crème solaire dans vos produits.
J’adore la crème, la poudre bronzante et le mascara .
Merci de votre attention.
Claudia Bertrand

Claudia Bertrand

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