Gratitude scavenger hunt

Gratitude scavenger hunt

If you desire abundance in your life, whether it be in relationships, finances, travel or work opportunities, practice gratitude. Focusing on what you have that fills you with joy will attract more abundance and joy because it is the  nature of the law of attraction
Keep this feeling of "fullness" and contentment with the following exercises, to be done daily, and you will see that your physical, mental and emotional standard of living will improve.

Find something that makes you happy: during the day, do something that makes you happy. It can be gardening, reading, cooking, playing with your children, calling a friend, dancing etc. For me, taking the time to make myself a tea is a simple moment that makes me happy and takes my mind off my worries. I recommend not using social media or anything computer-related in this daily exercise, as according to several studies, they tend to increase physical and mental stress, perpetuate a lack of self-confidence and aggravate mental health issues.

Giving to someone else to elicit a smile: It can be a simple smile or a "hello" to strangers you pass on the street or in line at the bank. Otherwise, think of your office colleagues and arrange lunch times to share snacks with each other. Have you cleaned your home and found items that don't make you smile anymore? Give them to someone else, thus inspiring a new appreciation.

Find something you love to smell: Surround yourself with plants and flowers, find beautiful candles made by local artisans, or buy a LISA NOTO Perfume oil. Fragrances lift the spirit and affect our mood. At LISA NOTO, we believe that beauty must be holistic to be fully appreciated. This means that we must feel beautiful not only on the outside but also mentally (simplicity and efficiency) and emotionally. Fragrances help us feel beautiful emotions throughout the day. For me, my perfume oil helps me focus better because I feel the scent as a backdrop that anchors my often hectic day.

Find something you like to look at: objects have a history and even a soul according to some. Chosen with care, they can bring us a sense of security and abundance. Appreciating what we have, taking care of it and arranging our objects in a way that makes us appreciate them more is very satisfying. I am grateful for items that have been given to me, or even made for me. I like to find old furniture and stools and place my plants on them. My environment becomes a space of contemplation. Decorate your office and home with items you love and thank life for the abundance and beauty of your reality.

Find something that is your favorite color: Colors have a lot of influence on our well-being. They are linked to our chakras according to traditional Indian medicine, but you don't have to adhere to these ancient beliefs to feel the benefit of colors on your mood. We all have favorite colors. Try incorporating color in your daily attire, decorate your home with your favorite colors and eat colorful vegetables and fruits. Your physical and mental health will thank you.

However, I would like to give an overview of the meaning of color, its impact on our psyche, and in relation to our chakras. 
Red helps to anchor us in reality and brings a sense of security. It also gives strength and courage. Orange puts us in closer to our emotions. It is an emotional stimulant that awakens our creativity. Yellow gives willpower and self-confidence. Green helps to open our heart; it stimulates the feeling of love and peace. This is why it is important to connect regularly with nature if we practice wellness. Blue helps improve communication and encourages the expression of one's thoughts. Indigo stimulates the 3rd eye. It acts positively on our intuition and our judgment. Purple helps us to connect with our divine inner self, which in turn helps us to see life in a harmonious way despite difficulties. Basically, life is inevitably made of negative and positive poles, the color purple helps us to transcend polarities and appreciate life as is, in all its greatness.


Practicing gratitude on a daily basis and appreciating the little things around us brings abundance, a more fulfilling life and a stable and beneficial sense of well-being.

Hopefully these simple and effective exercises can brighten your day and remember that the attitude you bring to the day is what the day will bring to you.

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