Why you are constantly healing and still feeling stuck

Why you are constantly healing and still feeling stuck

At LISA NOTO, beauty is about feeling good. When you feel good physically, mentally and your heart is light, beauty radiates from within and you feel like nothing can stop you.
On the other hand, well-being, although found in simple gestures and actions, is not achieved without effort. It takes discipline to live a life based on well-being. If we want to see real positive changes in our lives, we must make the decision to make sustained efforts every day for the rest of our lives. Healing our wounds, insecurities, "failures" through simple wellness practices is truly satisfying. Applying these methods that we develop over a lifetime on a daily basis is well worth the effort.

However, there are a few obstacles that may arise from our beliefs or our environment that block us in our healing and emancipation process. Here they are:

You don't trust your own ability to heal. Everyone can be their own healer. In fact, what we love about the practice of wellness is that it is so simple. It usually costs nothing and can be done almost anywhere, at any time of day. The only requirement? Practice every day, as consistency is the key to healing and wellness. It is this consistency that will strengthen our sense of confidence, our belief in our ability to heal.

You are not focusing on you but on the circumstances.
It's hard to ignore everything that's going on around you, especially if you live in the city and are connected to social media. Life with its ups and downs moves at a frantic pace. It is up to us to take hold of our inner state by focusing on our well-being. Getting constantly angry only makes things worse and has no effect on the situation at hand. Life is like a theater and we as individuals are certainly not the masters of this show. Focusing on our well-being and not on external conditions strengthens our power to do good for ourselves and for others.

You trust your fears more than your strengths.
Fear! It is located in the stomach and vibrates at all times, often without us realizing it. It taints our actions and reactions and often prevents us from moving in the direction we want to go. Fear is healthy; it is a barometer that is important to listen to but especially to tame. In this sense, it is good to overcome our fears and to trust our inner strength. The more we face our fears and stare them down, the better we understand them, the easier it is to live with them and surround them with well-being. We all have strengths and weaknesses, fueled by fear. Celebrating our strengths and embracing our weaknesses feels good and builds our self-confidence, which is essential in our journey to well-being.


Because there is an answer that has not been given to end this chapter of life.
This point brings together several elements highlighted previously.
For different reasons, we often leave chapters of our life open because they are too complicated, because they involve other people or circumstances beyond our control and that scares us. The lack of emotional tools leaves us in a state of confusion and we bury the unpleasant experiences in a drawer in a dark part of our mind that we try to forget at all costs. Confronting unpleasant chapters in our lives can help in the pursuit of wellness and healing of the heart, mind and even the body. While it is true that sometimes it is best to "let go", our hearts remind us that it is important to re-open some drawers and clean up. What's the worst that can happen? To live your life with courage and authenticity? To see more clearly? Stop the urge to numb your emotions? These questions must be asked and contemplated if one is to practice the discipline of wellness and healing.

Because other people have implanted their fears and insecurities in you.
It is important to know how to surround yourself with good people when you practice wellness and when you apply yourself every day to heal and feel better. It is not easy to get away from certain people close to us. The fear of being alone, of losing one's job and of being wrong influence our decisions. The good news is that the practice of wellness and healing is done in small steps. By listening to your heart and keeping your eyes open, you can slowly but surely let go of what doesn't serve you in moving toward wellness.

Because you come back to what is familiar to comfort you.
The trap! Hence the importance of remembering that in this practice of wellness, discipline and consistency are required.

Keep in mind that obstacles to happiness can often be overcome by changing our vision of things and especially of ourselves. One action at a time, simple and effective, every day and forever, healing happens naturally.

Good practice!



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