Exploring the Subtle Differences Between Bases: a Guide

LISA NOTO natural cosmetics Bases are two star products in the beauty wellness routine of many of our customers. They are the finishing touch to our skincare routine, unless you'd also like to apply our Eye contour cream, a complementary product that is also a customer favorite. They smooth and brighten the skin, provide skincare benefits and prepare the face for better make-up application. That said, it's legitimate to ask what the differences are between these two bases. In this article, we are exploring the subtle differences between Bases; a guide to help you find the Base that's right for you

First, Moringa Base was developed (again with great care) following on from Gel textured Base. By 2022, the ingredients for Gel textured Base were becoming increasingly difficult to obtain. We therefore decided with our laboratory to create another Base that would offer more or less the same skin benefits with more readily available ingredients. It would also be infused with Moringa, our signature ingredient that does so much for skin health and beauty.
The result was to be smooth, luminous skin, the promise of this star product that we've been offering since 2013.
To put it simply, the main differences between the two Bases are their texture and how they feel on the skin during application.
Moringa Base is more like a light serum in its texture and finish on the skin. The liquid is translucent. A single pump is enough to cover the whole face. The finish is more mattifying and lighter on the skin than the gel textured Base. Moringa Base also has a delicate 100% natural grapefruit fragrance. If you're sensitive to fragrance, take this into consideration.

When we announced to our customers at the beginning of 2023 that the Gel textured Base would no longer be available, we received several emails from people who described their disappointment with conviction. As your satisfaction is important to us, we have decided to continue offering this beloved Base in small batches and intermittently whenever possible. So it often happens that the Gel textured Base is out of stock, but it always comes back, available every two months or so.
The Gel textured Base is thicker, with a fresher finish that lasts longer on the skin. The liquid is whitish but becomes translucent as soon as we apply it. It's fragrance-free. Some would say it has a slight herbal fragrance due to the 100% natural ingredients it contains. The formula is a little more complex, with added vitamin C and rose hip oil.

However, since the other Base is infused with Moringa oil, which contains vitamin C, both products offer the benefits of this vitamin, which is excellent for the skin.
It's also worth noting that the containers are different. The gel textured Base is applied with the fingers or a spatula, which takes the product directly from a 30 ml amber glass container. The Moringa Base comes in a 30 ml plastic container with an airless pump.
We're proud of our two Bases, which offer a wide range of skin health benefits. Many of our customers now alternate between the two, depending on the season and the mood.The idea is to have a moment of well-being whenever you choose. This could be twice a day, in the morning or evening, or alternating with other products.
You can also have fun mixing the Bases with certain LISA NOTO makeup products, such as the Tinted moisturizer or the Cheek tint multitasking.
That's the art of simplicity.

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