Réflexions sur l'art de la confiance en soi LISA NOTO

Reflections on the art of self-confidence - part 1

Why is self-confidence so important? To simplify your life of course! It is to feel better in our daily life and at all levels of our being: physically, mentally and at the level of our heart and our feelings.

We lead complex lives that involve from a very young age to perform: at school, in sports, in friendship. Yet there is no life that, despite our persistent efforts and constant peer pressure, leads to perfection. This is as certain as the reality of our ephemeral presence on this earth. Some areas of our lives will be worse than others at different times in our journey: love, work, money, health, well-being...

Confidence is a remedy to our discomfort when faced with less pleasant situations, weaker performance and lack of control over our daily lives. Why and how to acquire it?

confiance en soi

Why: to enjoy our lives and to have a positive impact on the lives of others, our children and future generations.

How: First of all, we need to strengthen the base. To do this, we must focus on ourselves, consciously decide to see life with new rose-tinted glasses and believe in it. This is not selfish but rather altruistic, because when we feel good, our good energy has a direct impact on the energy of others.

The relationship with yourself: do you really have a relationship with yourself? If you are concerned about this topic/concept, it is probably because you feel the need to reconnect with yourself. Over time, external pressures have caused you to lose sight of who you really are, your unique personal essence that is the source of the answers to your questions about your existence. If you know yourself well, you are aware of the life you want to lead, you make choices accordingly and you nurture self-confidence.

Make no mistake: We are all more or less in the same boat of the existential work of self-confidence fueled by the relationship we have with ourselves. This is a constant effort for the rest of our lives and this relationship/work is not like a random visit to a pretty rose garden.

Let's take the example of the child you see growing up to better understand our point. You think you know him, but he surprises you every day and grows at a pace that is sometimes hard to keep up with. And at each stage, he becomes a new person, more complex, tinged with the experiences he lives every day. His essence is the same but his experiences affect him and tint his emotions. As parents, you have to support him and make him aware that all this is in the order of things.

You encourage him to trust himself and to appreciate the diversity of his new experiences, good or bad. Indeed, this constant and unconditional support will help him to grow. The opposite is impossible. A fulfilling life cannot be lived in guilt and judgment, which is why providing a child with a positive environment is so important. If a child is scolded for little things every time (for dropping a glass of milk, for wearing a sweater inside out, or even for saying the wrong thing to a school friend), his or her self-confidence is diminished. Constructive dialogue and love for the child in a moment of distraction will help the child to grow and face the day-to-day life in a calm manner. This will result in better decision making in the future for themselves and others. Inner calm plays a big role in a conscious life. The key to making decisions that will have a positive impact on our lives.


confiance en soi

To reach this self-confidence, which cannot be absolute, we must relearn or learn to observe, listen, understand and love ourselves in all our contradictions. Life is inevitably made of positive and negative. The very essence of our existence is not possible without the dynamics of these two diametrically opposed poles. Our self-confidence begins when we embrace this reality and decide to see life through new glasses.

Are you ready to trade in your old glasses for new ones?

The rest of this reflection will be shared with you soon...

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