Demystify the list of ingredients in the new Moringa Base and their benefits for the skin

The lists of ingredients on our beauty products are sometimes intimidating. However, it is important to know how to recognize certain elements that we apply to our skin in order to optimize our health and that of the planet.

The LISA NOTO Base/primer has changed a bit and we wanted you to understand each of the ingredients and their benefits. So here is the list of ingredients for the new Moringa Base, still as gentle on your skin, with its silky finish that protects, moisturizes and soothes all skin types.

Coco-Caprylate/Caprate: Coco Caprylate/Caprate is obtained by combining fatty alcohol esters derived from the coconut with caprylic and capric acids, also derived from the coconut. It is therefore an emollient that moisturizes the skin in a natural way.

Triheptanoine: It is a skin softening emollient made from a triester mixture of glycerin and an oily liquid called heptanoic acid. Its sensory properties give it a light emollient feel. In addition to helping to smooth and soften the skin by preventing moisture loss, it offers an elegant, non-greasy emollient aesthetic.

C9-12 Alkane/ C15-19 Alkane: Natural emollients.


Diheptyl Succinate: This is a lightweight, emollient texture enhancer.
Sometimes used as a replacement for silicones in cosmetics. Considered highly renewable and biodegradable.

Capryloyl Glycerin/Sebacic Acid Copolymer: Film forming agent, texture improver, polymer. Functions as a polymer and film former. Used to replace silicones in cosmetic formulations. Can be naturally derived from coconut or castor oil.

Saccharomyces Ferment: Yeast extract fermented in the presence of zinc ions. It is a moisturizer in addition to providing antioxidants to the skin.

Lauroyl Lysine: An amino acid derivative, it functions as a skin softening agent and hair conditioning agent, imparting a silky feel.

Silica: An absorbent agent that controls excess sebum.

Caprylyl Glycol: Has preservative properties of the formula from plant extract. Studies have also shown that caprylyl glycol has some antibacterial properties and may help strengthen the preservative blend used in some leave-on skin care products.

Grapefruit Fragrance: 100% natural.

Moringa Oleifera Oil: This is a moisturizer with many anti-aging benefits. This vegetable oil contains several antioxidants, including zeatin, quercetin and vitamins A, C and E. The oil is also a very good source of oleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid that can regenerate the skin and help protect it from moisture loss. And that's not all: Moringa seed oil contains amino acids as well as plant sterols that can have a calming effect on the skin (anti-inflammatory).


Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice: Aloe is usually obtained from the leaves of aloe plants. Aloe improves wound healing and skin inflammation. Aloe barbaensis leaf juice is an excellent moisturizer, antibacterial and has many anti-inflammatory properties, making it a powerful ingredient for healing wounds, reducing signs of sunburn and helping to hydrate dehydrated skin.

All in all, Moringa Base is a natural multi-purpose product that can both care for your skin and prepare it for better makeup application.

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