Giving back : Mothers with Power is inspiring us !

Giving back : Mothers with Power is inspiring us !

Last week, I had the chance to meet the organization we're giving back to this March, Mères avec pouvoir (Mothers with Power). For over 20 years, this Montreal-based organization has been dedicated to supporting and empowering single mothers and heads of household in their socio-professional projects.

Founded on the idea that every woman deserves to feel strong and capable, M.A.P offers practical resources, self-help programs and a community support network. Their innovative model is based on the provision of subsidized housing, a priority place in day-care centers and psychosocial support in all spheres of life.

I was able to meet some of the team members in a great atmosphere and a superb location that I found brilliant. Indeed, the organization's accommodation is a real village in the city!

Mères avec pouvoir
A transformative mission

At the heart of M.A.P.'s approach lies a strong conviction: every mother deserves a chance to build a safe and secure future for herself and her children. The mission of this non-governmental organization is to help participants overcome several challenges: residential insecurity, the challenges of professional integration and the dynamics of social isolation.

A unique support model

What sets Mères avec pouvoir apart is its comprehensive support model, covering everything from employment assistance and access to training to psychosocial support.
The organization creates an environment conducive to the personal and professional development of mothers. I find it impressive that this ecosystem of support not only promotes residential stability, but also encourages the acquisition of skills and self-confidence.

Mères avec pouvoir
The results

The successes of Mères avec pouvoir are manifold, with many educational and professional achievements, but also the consolidation of fulfilled and autonomous families. I discovered that participants stay with the organization for 3 to 5 years. I was impressed to learn that, at the end of the program, 9 out of 10 women are graduates or employed.

A call to action

In a context where social challenges are multiplying and becoming more complex, the Mothers with Power model offers a path to empowerment.
To continue making a difference, the organization needs the support of the community, whether through donations or partners. Mères avec pouvoir has an online boutique where their partner brands are present, and they also organize sales on the occasion of their Mother's Day solidarity event.
Every contribution helps to extend the impact of this exceptional organization. In fact, their goal is to continue installing new homes, and a fund-raising campaign is underway to achieve this objective!

Mères avec pouvoir
An inspiring organization

I find that Mothers with Power embodies the inspiring spirit of empowerment and personal achievement. By supporting ambitious mothers, the organization contributes to building a more cohesive society.
M.A.P organizes charity events to raise awareness among new members. LISA NOTO is supporting their next benefit evening on April 10, as well as the comedy evening taking place on May 14, 2024.

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