Latex-free Precision Sponge Applicator

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An edgeless, reusable, high-definition cosmetic sponge applicator in the shade of black. It's perfect for concealer application since it fits into natural curves and contours of the face.

How to use: Wet the love sponge until fully expanded. Squeeze excess water. Apply, bounce and blend formula on the skin surface you wish to cover. It lets you customize your coverage as it delivers fast, easy, seamless results every time. After use, wash applicator with a gentle soap and let dry.

LISA NOTO's precision applicator sponge grows a little when it's wet and absorbs minimal product, so your favorite formula lands on your complexion, not your sponge. When wet, the super-soft material provides an even, smooth blend and bounce. The rounded surface area ensures a quick application while the contoured tip offers precision.

Comes in a LISA NOTO reusable linen bag.

A great addition to concealer.


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