Perfume oil Vanilla-Tangerine 10 ml

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Presenting the perfume oils, concocted in Montreal in a slow creative process. Our objective is to offer a fragrance that exhilarates with subtlety. The perfumes are designed with the aim of offering a unique sensory experience that lasts several hours.

Each fragrance has top, heart and bottom notes according to the principles of traditional perfumery.

The top notes are perceived first. The heart notes are the predominant smell in the following hour. The base notes accompany you throughout the day and act on the psyche.

The vanilla-tangerine fragrance has a lot of personality. First of all, you can smell the citrus duo in the top note. The beautiful tangerine and the refreshing grapefruit come to tickle the nostrils and lift the spirit. In the heart note, a sweet and spicy blend of coconut, black pepper and subtle, powdery musk flower. A trip to exotic lands is guaranteed. In the base note, sweet and sensual vanilla is combined with ho wood and sandalwood. This rich, exotic, complex, woody, warm, sensual and comforting blend will accompany you for several hours.
Apply again when you feel like reliving a trip to Wonderland.

LISA NOTO perfume oils are based on the principles of traditional perfumery. They contain three notes that form a harmonious and defined olfactory whole. The fragrance Vanilla - Tangerine is based on a citrus top note, tangerine. The top note is the first scent captured when the perfume is applied. The heart note, the one that accompanies you in the following hour is in this perfume made up of an exotic mixture of fruit and spice, coconut and black pepper. The bottom notes accompany you throughout the day and usually have an influence on your psyche, your mood. The wood theme with powerful amber and sweet scents is at the base of this fragrance with a mix of vanilla, ho wood and sandalwood.

Pure Moringa oil, tangerine essential oil, grapefruit essential oil, coconut organic aromatic essence, piper nigrum (black pepper) essential oil, organic aromatic essence of vegetal musk flower, vanilla essential oil, sandalwood aromatic essence, Madagascar Cinnamomum camphora - linaloliferum (Ho Wood) essential oil.

Ingredient properties

  • Pure moringa oil is excellent for enhancing the olfactory and sensual benefits of the fruity-sensual and spicy fragrance of the Vanilla - tangerine perfume oil. It is suitable for all skin types, it moisturizes, protects and nourishes. To find out more: the power of moringa.
  • Tangerine offers a powerful feeling of relaxation and calm. Its effect is generally calming.
  • The coconut is a captivating perfume. Gourmand, warm, sweet, it evokes vacations. It is a winning duo with gourmet vanilla.
  • Black pepper has a fresh, woody and spicy scent. It is a general stimulant, both physical and mental.
  • Sandalwood takes you on a journey with its fresh, powerful, amber, oriental scent. It brings a note that is both rich and spicy, warm and sensual. Traditionally used for meditation & religious ceremonies, it is relaxing and comforting.
  • Very close to rosewood, the organic oil of our Hô wood is rich in linalool which offers tonic, revitalizing and purifying virtues. Positive and relaxing, it is also helpful in case of stress or energy drop

10 ml

Buy as a unit or in combination with the Six-step All natural beauty routine set for a complete LISA NOTO experience ( and save money).

Essential oils are contraindicated for pregnant or breast-feeding women, children under 6 years old, people under anticoagulant treatment, as well as for people suffering from a hormone-dependent pathology or a renal insufficiency.

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