The joy of well-being through scent

The joy of well-being through scent

Well-being, clarity and inner calm make life more enjoyable. At LISA NOTO, we encourage the practice of well-being and overall health in a number of ways. One of these is meditation. This simple, effective exercise in focusing on the breath and the present moment without judgment is a powerful tool for improving overall health.
There are many ways to help you meditate. You can direct your attention not only to the breath, but also to sound, mantra recitation, painful sensations or any other sensation, to name but a few.

well-being through scent

In this article, we'd like to inspire you to use smells as a meditation aid. These can be very useful, whether during formal practice (sitting cross-legged with your back straight) or as you go about your daily routine. In everyday life, scents are useful supports that enable you to transform your routine into a calm, mindful practice that strengthens the spirit.

That's why LISA NOTO's beauty wellness routine includes fragrance oils. We believe it's important to apply a natural fragrance (without synthetic ingredients that irritate the skin and nostrils) to help uplift the spirit. A pleasant, sustained scent promotes concentration and well-being. Why not take the chance to indulge in some gentle meditation as well, with ease?

lisa noto perfume oil

To find out more about our fragrance oils and their many benefits for the mind, visit our online boutique here.

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