For a perfect skincare routine !

For a perfect skincare routine !

From time to time, it's nice to take care of yourself deeply. It brings a wave of well-being. It's also a good time for a manicure, a face mask or to apply oil to your hair (you can leave it on for a few hours before your shampoo).

Now's the time, LISA NOTO natural cosmetics suggests three products that could complete your beauty and well-being routine. We've got the activated bamboo charcoal mask, the eye contour cream and the bamboo charcoal konjac face sponge.

These three products will complete your wellness routine with simplicity.

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Here's the order in which you can use these products:
First, cleanse your face with the facial konjac sponge  you can also add your favorite facial cleanser.

Next, gently dry your face, then apply the activated bamboo charcoal mask to your face. Wait ten minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

Finally, on damp skin you can apply your pure and organic Moringa oil to your face and neck, along with your eye contour cream. You can also use this cream on dry patches.

In conclusion, simplify your life with this variety of simple yet effective products to complement your beauty and well-being routine.

The art of simplicity.

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