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How to get a beautiful Cat Eye!

It is not easy to make your eyeliner line, especially if you do not adapt to the natural shape of your eyes. That's why LISA NOTO natural cosmetics wants to guide you in the type of eyeliner adapted to the shape of your eyes. This article will help you understand how to highlight your eyes, what products and materials to use to achieve a sublime cat eye!

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First, enhancing the natural beauty of the eyes, here is how to sublimate different eye shapes with simple tips.

Wide-set eyes: Avoid accentuating the remote effect by stretching the eyeliner line outward. Instead, apply light pressure to the inner corner to create an optical illusion. Deep-set eyes: To open up the eyes, draw a simple line of eyeliner that goes slightly upwards in a comma on the outer corners of the eyes. Small eyes: To enlarge the eyes, use Egyptian liner by drawing a line on the upper eyelid from the inner corner to the lower half of the eye. The two lines should meet to lengthen the look. Almond-shaped eyes: To enhance this eye shape, a thin or thick line on the upper lid is enough to intensify the look. Close-set eyes: To lengthen the look, work on the outer part of the eyes by drawing a graphic eyeliner line that stretches the look. Round eyes: To lengthen the shape of the eye, start by drawing a thin line in the inner corner and stretch it towards the outer tip to create a "doe eye" effect. Thicken the line halfway down the line. Droopy eyelids: To correct the "droopy eyelid" effect, draw a line of eyeliner starting from the middle of the iris and working your way outward, ending with a clean comma that extends past the outer corner of the eye. Avoid lining anything on the lower lash line.

Secondly, the products and tools you can use to achieve your eye liner line are the natural gel liner and the eye liner brush.

LISA NOTO natural cosmetics natural gel liner contains ingredients that are beneficial to the health of your eyes and sensitive lashes: Castor oil is known for its nourishing and moisturizing properties, it can help strengthen lashes and stimulate their growth. Coconut oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties, so it can help prevent eye infections and soothe irritated eyes. Rosemary and thyme extract have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which can help protect the eyes and reduce inflammation. Vitamin E is also an antioxidant, which can help prevent free radical damage and maintain healthy lashes.

By using a gel eyeliner with these ingredients, you can not only create a stylish look, but also nourish and protect your eyes and lashes. Plus, unlike markers, using a brush and a jar of gel liner can allow for more precise application and less chance of smudging. Whether you're an expert or a beginner, this pro tool is easy to use and can help you achieve every type of liner imaginable.
gel liner crème

It allows for precise application as it creates clean, precise lines, which is especially useful for more complex eyeliner styles such as cat eye. Eyeliner brushes come in different shapes and sizes, which allows you to create different effects.

Eyeliner brushes are usually made with high quality synthetic or natural bristles, making them durable and able to withstand regular use. They allow for more control over the amount of product used. You can load the brush with a small amount of eyeliner at a time, so you don't get a thick or smudgy line. This also makes it easier to correct mistakes, as you can make more precise adjustments.They also help your product last longer. Since you use a precise amount of product each time, you avoid waste and extend the life of your eyeliner.

For the finishing touch you can use our volumizing mascara for an even more intense look.mascara volumisant

It is important to use an eyeliner brush, this is an essential tool for those who want to achieve a precise and controlled application of eyeliner, with the ability to create different styles and brush

You now have all the keys to try and find the liner features that suit you best. Be patient and your efforts will pay off!

Article by Eleonore Dumesnil

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