5 simple activities for the spring wellness challenge LISA NOTO

5 simple activities for the spring wellness challenge

When spring comes, I feel a certain relief as I won't be as cold and tense anymore. But at the same time, I feel a deep fatigue and I can easily and readily sleep for ten hours. I guess my body has to adapt and adjust to a new balance that comes with the new season, which can consume some of my energy. That's why I continue to take care of myself daily and whenever possible. This keeps me focused, grounded and stimulated, three factors that are relevant for my business and family dealings. The activities below make special sense during springtime, but are applicable throughout the year. Here is a list of 5 simple spring wellness activities to try today:

1- Take the time to slow down. With spring comes that excitement where anything is possible. Business is picking up, people around us are happy to get out of the house and perhaps more energetically intense than usual. We've all been stuck inside for so many weeks, now it's time to reconnect with the outside world. This year is different as the Covid-19 confinement has changed things. Regardless, this situation means we have to visit our parents three times more than before to help them out, be in front of a computer much more often than usual because everything is online, and take care of the kids 24/7, which is another challenge in terms of practicing wellness; it leaves very little time for ourselves. No more cooking, no more cleaning, no more phone calls and our addiction to all these electronic devices kind of sucks our precious energy away! Plus, we can't escape the city because of Covid restrictions, which is totally understandable. All of this to say that perhaps, without realizing it, we find ourselves with a lot more to shoulder than we used to. And because spring cleaning is calling, we are suddenly overwhelmed with tasks and obligations.

Slow down! Now is the time. Maybe give yourself one to three goals per day and stop there. Being calm and open to others, which makes life so much better for everyone, can't happen when you feel overwhelmed with all there is to do. Drop the cleaning, share the chores with everyone in the family, prioritize quiet, outdoor activities. Listen to more music and do less surfing on social media. Meditate on the vastness of our universe to appreciate that in the two short months of Canadian spring, we can do less and appreciate more. It's time to contemplate the beauty of nature unfolding.

 2- Exercise. It is more necessary than ever to find a way to get your body moving for a few minutes every day. There is a definite advantage to the current situation. Because you can't always have the excuse that you're too tired to go to the gym ( it's closed), or to the park for your jogging ( it's risky), you need to create a corner at home that will allow you to practice a "home" exercise routine. That's all you need to feel better, a square of carpet or floor to get fit and healthy. Do some weights, lie down on your mat and stretch, revisit your past memories to find the exercises you learned in high school or at summer camp. You can also put on your favorite music and dance for ten minutes. That's all you need to inhabit your body and realize that it is your sanctuary, your best ally if only you take care of it.

 3- Let's be grateful. This applies to every day of the year, but spring is a good time to realize how great life and nature are and apply a daily discipline of gratitude. Especially now that the virus is lurking, I wake up every day thanking life for sparing me. Just opening my eyes to the wonder that is spring makes me feel good and blessed. Even when my day is going poorly, I make it a point to remind myself of what I am grateful for and end up crying with joy for all that I have. Just try it and you'll see that gratitude is the best healing process for any problem that arises in life. It gives you the mental strength to keep going and keep your energy up, which is the key to success, no matter what path you take. Gratitude is actually an act of well-being, it calms you, releases your fears and empowers you.

   4- Meditate. I'm repeating myself, but I won't hide from you the greatest and most powerful secret of well-being of all time. Meditation in springtime is very poetic, don't you think? Find a quiet place in the house. Above all, try to wake up before everyone else, this is the best time to meditate, early in the morning when you haven't started to activate your "hamster-mind". I love meditating with the window open, lulled by a nice spring breeze. It's encouraging to wake up early and see that the sun is already up; I feel like it is there to encourage me to get up too. I have also started teaching my children to meditate and it is an amazing activity to do together. We only do it for five minutes and not every day because my priority is me and my spring wellness challenge. There is so much to do for a few weeks now that we are home all the time. Still, it's a fun activity to do with the kids and a great legacy for their future. So maybe you can skip some of the work at home and all sit together to breathe for a few minutes in unison. Summer is always too busy and takes place mostly outside, so it's a good time to get this routine in place.


 5- Eat better. That's right, nothing drastic, just better, whatever your food choices, if you think you can improve upon them, do so. Personally, I like to increase my intake of fruits that are associated with spring. As I eat more fruit, I snack less on crackers, bread and cheese which are more acidic, acidity being a hotbed for disease. Too much acidity can cause fatigue, confusion, headaches, depression, problem skin, unhealthy mouth and teeth, and a weakened immune system, among other things. How do you get the body to a more alkaline level? Eat plenty of greens, fruits and vegetables, reduce fat and alcohol intake. To learn more about symptoms related to body acidity, click here.

That's it! I hope this list is not too demanding for you. This challenge is about feeling good, healthy and filled with abundance. This list is also about healing on many levels for springtime, which reflects renewal. It is important to incorporate new activities to take care of yourself and feel ready for warmer days. During these difficult times, give yourself a few minutes a day. You can care better for others and enjoy life only when your energy is optimized, through the practice of wellness.

I wish you a month filled with care, love and magic!



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