The first Moringa oil made in Quebec

The first Moringa oil made in Quebec

At LISA NOTO, we are passionate about pure Moringa oil. It is our signature ingredient and also the first step in promoting healthy skin and therefore natural beauty and radiance.

We are honored to announce that the first LISA NOTO Moringa plantation took place in July 2022, in the heart of Montreal. In collaboration with the organization On Sème, whose mission is to encourage the development of a sustainable community and local agri-food system, and Hamidou Horticulture, the experiment begins. The goal is to offer pure Moringa oil from Quebec. There are a few obstacles ahead of us, the most important being the climate, but thanks to the know-how of our horticulturists, we are confident that we will be able to offer a special limited edition of LISA NOTO Quebec Moringa oil  within two years. We will be experimenting with this crop in other Quebec soils during the summer of 2022.


LISA NOTO Moringa Oil is the ultimate wellness oil. Its rich texture is non-comedogenic, nourishing and protective. The skin regains its radiance almost instantly. It is suitable for everyone, men, women and children and is recommended for all skin types. It is also great for hair care, used as a hair mask, it restores strength and shine.

So we planted these wonderful Moringa seeds, the miracle tree, in the beginning of July 2022 in the Outremont urban vegetable garden. These arrived from Africa in great shape and they are blue in color. Why? Because this color is a guarantee of quality and security. It means that the precious seed has been disinfected and is ready for export. Twenty seeds were planted in two rows, at a depth of about 3 cm and a separation of 50 cm.


Interestingly, the seeds can be chewed (without the disinfectant). They help regulate blood sugar and stimulate weight loss. The taste is bittersweet.

We then watered the soil well. Moringa oleifera, the most commonly grown species and the one we planted, is a small, fast growing tree. Often 8 to 10 m high, sometimes a little more, it has a wide open umbrella-shaped crown. Its branches droop and its bark is smooth, light to grayish green in color and tends to be deeply rooted. The leaves are eaten and are part of the daily menu in many countries in Africa, Asia and South America.


The leaf of the Moringa tree is the most nutritious part of the tree. In Ayurvedic medicine, Moringa leaves are considered to cure most ailments and they can effectively and permanently strengthen the immune system. Moringa is a particularly interesting powder for vegetarians and vegans, because of its high content of vegetable proteins and "ultra assimilable" calcium. Its richness in antioxidants also makes it an excellent ally for coping with the stress of daily life. For Hamidou, who used to eat it regularly in his native Niger, the leaves are cooked like spinach, and onions, tomatoes and peanut paste are added to make Koptô, which is delicious!

In their natural environment of origin (Indian rainforest), Moringa trees can grow up to 5 meters high in less than six months, which makes it difficult to harvest the leaves and seed pods (from which the precious oil is extracted).

And now the patient waiting begins. Stay tuned for more on this story by subscribing to our newsletter.




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