Celebrating Earth Day: our partnership with Planet

Celebrating Earth Day: our partnership with Planet

April is not just a time to observe the eclipse, it's also a time to celebrate our planet. It's a time to reflect on our impact on the environment and take action to preserve it. You can organize local clean-ups, plant trees, or adopt more sustainable habits, all with the aim to honor our beautiful planet.

Together, let's make this month a time to appreciate and protect our common home.

On this beautiful Earth Day, we take the opportunity to highlight our partnership with Planet, an application integrated into our website, dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs whose activity is closely linked to our precious planet.

LISA NOTO finances companies that test, develop and market solutions to combat climate change, generating a long-term sustainable impact.

What is a carbon-neutral company?

A carbon-neutral company balances the carbon emissions it produces by reducing them as much as possible, then offsetting the remainder through actions such as re-forestation or investment in carbon-reduction projects elsewhere.

So it doesn't add extra carbon to the atmosphere. Investing in this cause is important because it enables us to make an active contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, which is essential in the fight against climate change.

3 initiatives supported by Planet

Grassroots Carbon: This first initiative aims to create a transparent and accessible carbon offset system for businesses and individuals. By partnering with farmers and ranchers, Grassroots Carbon implements regenerative agricultural practices that sequester carbon in the soil, helping to combat climate change while boosting ecosystem resilience.

Mast reforestation: Focusing on reforestation and forest conservation, Mast reforestation strives to restore vital ecosystems that absorb carbon and provide crucial habitat for biodiversity. Through local partnerships and innovative technologies, Mast reforestation works while providing sustainable economic opportunities.

Running Tide : Focused on restoring marine ecosystems through sustainable solutions. Combining technology and scientific expertise, Running Tide deploys ocean regeneration projects to combat climate change and restore marine biodiversity. Through their innovative approach, the company strives to create a positive impact on the marine environment by providing sustainable solutions for future generations.

Thanks to your orders, LISA NOTO is able to give back, together we are making a difference for the future of a healthy planet.

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