How Dalai Lama defines a successful person | eight rules (part I)

At LISA NOTO we respect every religion and philosophy and we believe in inclusiveness. We do have a particular love for the Dalai Lama ‘s Thought because it is mostly about finding happiness and peace and being respectful of every living being on planet earth. They also encourage a simple life, the practice of meditation and self-care. That’s right! How so? Through the Dalai Lama’s parameters of what a successful person is, we understand that success goes with self-care. Here are eight rules for being a successful person according to the Dalai Lama.

1- The true hero is one who conquers his own anger and hatred. From experience, being angry never helped me move forward in anything. I truly believe that acknowledging and experiencing emotions is key to moving on. That said, moving forward is important and one can’t achieve much while angry. To achieve our goals we must feel what we want to attract. Feeling angry all the time will only bring more anger and frustration. It is the natural law of attraction, a primary law of nature like the law of gravity. What you focus on grows. What you feel will be reflected to you like a mirror of your own internal reality. By understanding that, you will realize that taking care of your anger issues should be a priority. Through self-care rituals, meditation and positive thinking you can slowly but surely get rid of the negative themes that occupy your mind and prevent you from succeeding.

2- An open heart is an open mind. Why should you have an open mind? Because the world is infinite and people being a part of this infinity, have endless possibilities. That’s encouraging isn’t it? When your mind is closed, you are missing new ideas, encounters, tips and advice, technologies, foods, cultures that could eventually lead to a version of success that is your own. I do believe that less is more but in this case, being curious and open-minded leads to a rich fulfilling life and a feeling of abundance. If that is not success I don’t know what it is.

How to open up your heart in a practical way? Through yoga, meditation and self-care practices. Making yourself a priority through self-care will give you a sense of letting go for a while. Add to the mix more soothing thoughts during the practice and it will bring you for that moment to a happy place. Happy thoughts leading to more happy thoughts you can slowly change your day and eventually your week, attracting good things instead of bad, stressful ones. Soothing practices will help you maintain peaceful thoughts, love yourself more and that is the best recipe for opening the heart, rise, shine and make meaningful connections with the world.

3- The roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation. From the minute you start massaging your mind with grateful thoughts, everything seems to get better. It’s said that it’s all relative and I believe it is true. Maybe you didn’t get what you wanted but you surely got something out of life. Are you grateful for what you have? Here in Canada we are so spoiled with an abundance of resources. Furthermore, did you take some time today to thank whomever you believe is the master of this universe, for living here or even being alive? Have you considered the luck of living on planet earth at this point in time? Our blue planet is part of a galaxy grouped in a cluster of a hundred trillion galaxies. Have you recently seen the measure of the size of our galaxy? There are so many things to learn and admire in a lifetime. Your chance of being alive with your own unique consciousness, of being a witness to this gigantic energy driven world is so little that you can already say that you are a success. Be grateful every hour of every day and your life will transform into a celebration which is to me the very definition of success.

4- The goal is not to be better than another man but your previous self. From experience, I’ve learned that comparing myself to others doesn’t bring me anything and is a waste of time. There are people that I admire and that I love to see evolve, especially in the artistic field, but what I focus on is the work not the person. That is what feeds and inspires me. It helps me pursue my goals because among other things I wish to inspire other people. In that sense, focusing on what makes your heart tick helps you evolve within a community more than pursuing selfish goals. Don’t get me wrong, I am far from perfect and I do want success and recognition, two things that can sometimes serve no one else but yourself. Still, those two purposes can have a positive impact on everybody else when shared within the community. For that, we need to work together, inspire each other and elevate each other instead of comparing ourselves to one another. Comparison is when you feel that your place in the group could be challenged by someone else because of a feeling of emptiness and low self-esteem. As we work on ourselves through self-care practices, we understand that we are all unique and capable of great things, if only we know what is important to us. As we come to discover the who and the why of our own life, we understand that comparing ourselves with other people is useless. Our life on earth is limited, our time is precious and our purpose in life is unique to each of us.

Understanding who we are with our goals in mind, we feel that we have no more time to waste, fueled with positive energy, focus on a purpose and ready for achievement. The people we used to watch on social media profiles or gossip magazines because they seemed to look so interesting and special won’t be of interest anymore. By practicing self-care and self-awareness, we feel that it’s time to build our own profile and become the best version of ourselves. Meditation on your past but mostly on your present and developing awareness is important in order to let go of what’s not serving you anymore. Stay focused on who you are and what motivates you to get up every day. As you come to see that you are fulfilling your purpose, you will realize that you have so much that whoever you thought was cool is actually not nourishing your soul anymore. Your own actions are nourishing it instead! Isn’t it fantastic, being special and having so much to do? With a constant effort (there’s no free lunch), you rapidly grow and make people around you grow. The fulfilling of your purpose increases your positive vibrations and has direct repercussions on people around you. Stop comparing yourself with others. Dive deep into who you are and bring the best out of it into the world instead. You are here for a reason, find it and surf on the bliss that comes with knowing thy self and cherishing it.

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