Which vitamin does what for your precious skin

The skin is our largest organ and it is always changing. Like any organ inside your body, your skin stays healthy depending on the food you eat. Your skin cells will take the vitamins they need in order to function well, regenerate and stay balanced. Paying attention to your diet has a direct impact on your skin's radiance and glow. Here is a list of the vitamins that specifically help your skin look healthy & beautiful.

Vitamin A: treats wrinkles

Vitamin C: It helps build collagen that is crucial to keeping skin firm. It is also an antioxidant protecting the skin from free radical damage and can reverse hyper pigmentation.

Vitamin E: taking vitamin E will simultaneously increase vitamin A levels. It also helps get rid of acne.

Vitamin D: it is the sunshine vitamin. The skin is naturally producing vitamin D with the help of sun. During winter especially , taking vitamin D supplement will provide what's needed in order to fight skin infections for example acne .

You can find those vitamins in your fruits & veggies or in supplements in your nearest natural products store.

Bises, Lisa

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