Self-soothing our senses

October 23, 2019

Self-soothing is a quick and effective way to reduce the intensity of negative emotions. You can calm and heal yourself using your different senses. Here's a list of self-soothing things to do involving sight, touch, sound, smell and taste. 


Sight: low lighting, relaxing colours, sleeping mask, colouring book, Pinterest collage.


Touch: soft things, cuddly things, massages, hot/cold showers, heated/weighted blanket.

autonomous sensory meridian response videos, nature sounds, guided meditations, binaural beats (emerging form of soundwave therapy).


Smell: Aromatherapy, fresh air, candles, incense, comforting smells (blanket, clothing)


Taste: strong flavours, warm drinks, eating slowly, nostalgic flavours 


What is your favorite way of reducing the intensity of your day through your senses? Simple can also be effective. The information above was taken from this awesome Blog.


Bises, Lisa




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