How to be a minimalist

I believe that the best things in life are free & that less is more. These two mottos are basically associated with a minimalist lifestyle.

Here are ten ways to spend your time as a minimalist.

1- Drink water! It's free & it's the healthiest way to treat your precious body.

2- Eat healthy. Don't buy ready-made food. Buy only fresh fruits & vegetables & cook for yourself. Plus, it's an extra meditative, self-care time.

3- Exercice. Try to move at least 30 minutes each day. You think you don't have time? How about going to work by bicycle or walking?!

4- Be grateful as often as you can. Start the morning by saying three things that you are grateful for. You're not in a good period of your life? How about: " I'm grateful for feeling my pulse, the trees & the air I'm breathing."

5- Wake up early. Enjoy your time before rushing off to work.

6- Be creative during your free time. Draw, sing, dance, anything that doesn't involve your phone or the internet.

7- Help others. Donate time, money, assistance to someone in need.

8- Be eco-conscious. Be aware & respectful of the environment. Reduce waste, consumption etc.

9- Self-care first. Pamper yourself everyday, tidy up your home & work space.

Why would you be a minimalist? Because doing all of those things brings you closer to your inner self, the source of who you are that will lead you to achieve what you are meant to achieve. Isn't that the true happiness we are looking for?

Bises, Lisa

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