Acids in Skin Care Products that are actually good for you

August 12, 2019



Here are some terms that you can find among the ingredients of your beauty products. They are acids that work for your skin in a positive way. Look for one or more of them, depending on your skin, it can have a great impact. 


Hyaluronic Acid: for dehydrated skin

Salicylic Acid: cleanses & unclogs pores

Citric Acid: increases collagen production

Glycolic Acid: peels & exfoliates

Lactic Acid: softens & improves skin texture

L-ascorbic Acid: reduces dark spots & hyper-pigmentation

Retinoic Acid: reduces dullness & clears acne

Kojic Acid: brightens

Ferulic Acid: reduces signs of aging

Mandelic Acid: gentle exfoliator


Here you go. Not all acids are bad! Find the ones that work for your best interest.


Bises, Lisa