Essential oils for skin's health & beauty

Essential oils are...well essential for their role in well-being and in preventive medicine. It is also a fantastic treatment of common disorders and problem skin. They've been utilized for thousands of years purely for their cosmetic potential.

Here are some of my favorite essential oils for the beauty and rejuvenation of skin.

1- Frankincense: Used by the Egyptian queens, it is a resin that will give an instant lifting effect on the skin. It stimulates cellular regeneration, improving the healing process and keeping the skin looking youthful. Add two to three drops of frankincense E.O. in a carrier oil and enjoy the instant benefits of its amazing powers. The scent is not as nice as a flower scent but it is not overwhelming either. It is surely a must for the overall health and beauty of your skin.

2- Geranium: A distant cousin of Rose, it possess powerful medicinal properties being healing and anti-inflammatory. It is the perfect E.O. for rosacea or any problem skin. It keeps the skin healthy, lubricated, elastic, making it less prone to wrinkles. It is suited to all types of complexion, particularly dry, sensitive and aging or mature skin. I add only one drop of it in my carrier oil since its powerful smell can be a little intense ( yet uplifting, fresh and citrus-like).

3- Lavender: It is probably the most versatile E.O. and it is very mild on the skin. It promotes excellent tissue regeneration. It is valuable for all skin injury and damaged skin. It is suited particularly to oily and blemished skin. According to studies, the oil contains powerful antioxidants (superoxide dismutase, catalase, glutathione) that can repair the skin cells and destroy any bacteria as well. This gentle oil can safely be used neat but I always prefer to mix it with a little bit of carrier oil.

4- Neroli: Derived from orange blossom, it seems like if it were "scent" straight from heaven. It contains cytophylactic properties, encouraging the formation of new skin cells. The neroli E.O. can also deep clean your pores and it has a gentle toning and astringent action. The neroli oil works great for people with sensitive skin but it is actually great for all skin types, including normal or combination skin.

5- Chamomile: It is a well-known soothing remedy. Because of its relaxant properties it is especially great for skin problems related to stress such as many types of dermatitis or eczema. It is also the best anti-inflammatory plant. Both Roman & German chamomile can be used in skin care. Well suited for children, indicated for all types of swelling, irritation, rashes, red or sore skin including allergic skin conditions, it is a must have E.O. for the entire family.

Now, with these five amazing therapeutic oils in your pharmacy, who needs an expensive pot of cream? These are the real deal.

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