Five areas of therapeutic Self-Care

LISA NOTO’s philosophy is all about therapeutic beauty, self-care and wellness.

But what is the word therapeutic means in this context?

The word therapeutic comes from greek meaning “treatment, cure” with the objective of helping the body to find balance with a long-term effect.

To truly take care of your health and beauty, we believe that life should be approached in a holistic way, meaning taking the mind, the body and the soul into consideration. In order to find balance and vitality, you should try to apply self-care in these five areas of your life:

1- In a physical way through nutrition, sleep, exercise, supplements & breathing.

2- In a Spiritual way through prayer, meditation, forgiveness and finding a purpose & meaning to your life.

3- On a mental/emotional level through positive self-talk, positive beliefs, psychotherapy, mood journals and really experiening one’s feelings.

4- Through a lifestyle that includes setting goals, relaxation, fulfilling work, time in nature, pleasure.

5- Through the support of people like family, friends, therapists, community service and support groups.

Self-care is essential to feeling vitality & balance, free from anxiety & depression. Try to apply one new great therapeutic self-care habit from each category above and let us know if it improved your quality of life.

Bises, Lisa

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