Seven principles at LISA NOTO

1. We believe creativity is the key to a fulfilling life. Makeup is art and makeup artists are, well, artists. At LISA NOTO inventiveness adds value to everything we offer our customers.

2. Our priority is always the quality of our products. Our primary focus is on creating formulas that are as effective as they are pure and natural. We will always give priority to R&D. Isn’t it what you are buying that is most important?

3. Above all, we promote healthy living. We believe in holistic beauty meaning that to be beautiful includes taking care of ourselves from the inside and out. For us, to be beautiful it is to respect the fact that our skin needs a natural touch not a chemical one.

4. We will always celebrate the beauty in every culture. Our vision of beauty is inclusive & diverse.

5. Less is more- we promote simplicity and we endorse the slow living movement. In that sense, we will always offer cosmetic options that are staples, classic products for the all-natural era.

6. At LISA NOTO, we care for others and that is why we are giving back to the community. Our focus is primarily on girls & women’s empowerment.

7. Last but not least, we love and respect nature. From the very beginning, we have set rules to protect the environment. They include:

• Promoting the use of products from organic agriculture and respecting biodiversity.

• Using natural resources responsibly.

• Using, processing and manufacturing practices that are clean and respectful of human health dignity.

• Integrating and developing the concept of “Green Chemistry”.

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