At LISA NOTO, we are all about moisturizing, nourishing and repairing skin with natural, plant-based oils. But which one should you choose? Here are some of our favorites and their benefits.

Argan oil: A miraculous oil from Morocco, it heals and protects you from skin problems like eczema, cracking and burns. It also does wonders for your hair.

Calendula: A fabulous healer for everything from acne and rosacea to psoriasis and eczema.

Chia seed oil: It is used to soothe very dry skin thanks to the high level of fatty acids it contains.

Coconut oil: bursting with fatty acids, protein, vitamin E and nutrients that can be easily absorbed into the skin.

Jojoba oil: contains pretty much all the vitamins and minerals essential for healthy skin and hair and replicates the oils found in our body for better absorption.

Rosehip oil: Vitamin C and lycopene gently rejuvenate skin and help maintain elasticity. It is great for healing scars like stretch marks.

Tea tree oil: great for fighting skin infection and acne.

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