So I totally get it. We always see images of women that look the same: perfect skin, usually fair skin, tall, slim, beautiful. As a former model, I can tell you that most women could look as good as the girls we see in magazines. A ton of makeup and some Photoshop will make you look like a million bucks. Anybody in a picture can have a flawless skin with these powerful tools.

One of our aims at LISA NOTO is to celebrate beauty of every culture and our motto is “less is more”. If you see me in video tutorials it’s because I think that I’m the best person to share my ideas about makeup and to tell you about the products. I also think that I have a unique point of view on how to apply makeup. My criteria for a good makeup look? Simple, quick and effective. As a mother of two, I have no time for fooling around. And of course, using natural cosmetics is the foundation of this whole story.

Now, I would love to use different models; I hope it can happen soon. For now, my friends and family are hiding from me. They don’t want to be in front of a camera. I have to tell you, it’s not always easy to expose yourself like this.

One thing though that I would like to point out: even on a model with problem skin, I would apply my makeup the exact same way and with pretty much the same amount of product. I truly believe that problem skin doesn’t have to be totally covered, the same is true with healthy looking skin. Again, less is more.

Still, using my makeup line will show in just a few days great results in terms of healing problem skin. Natural makeup allows the skin to breathe and the therapeutic formulas in it will surely improve the appearance of skin in the short and long term.

Mostly, I truly believe that in order to have a flawless, healthy looking skin, you need to nourish and heal from the INSIDE FIRST!


-Drink a lot of filtered water, green tea and herbal teas

- Exercise; girl, you can’t escape! Half an hour a day, move it! Walk, run, do push ups, set ups, yoga. Anything that makes you feel like your body is working and stretching.

- Eat well!! Lots and lots of fruits and vegetables; minimize dairy products and meat please. Nourish your body with good, fresh and organic food.

- Have fun. Dance, play, sing and go on adventures with your loved ones.

- Connect with nature and take deep breaths every day.

- Be thankful every day. Show gratitude; you’ll see how much it lowers your level of stress. It will show on your face!!

- Love yourself right now even when it’s not easy. We’ve only got one life to live, so let’s be kind to ourselves.

Having said this, just for my ladies, here’s some before and after pictures of a model with problem skin. In this picture, I applied only the protective anti-age base and the Pigments crème Beige doré with a latex-free sponge. The picture was taken with natural light, no Photoshop, no tricks, promise.

Photo: Peter Morneau

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