During the summer, we don't need to do much to have a healty glow. Our skin gets a tanned look, we feel like doing more outdoors and everything seems lighter. It is the time when we usually slow down and take a vacation.

As for our makeup routine, we tend to put much less on our skin. For me, summer is the time when I stop wearing foundation unless I have a special evening and I need to hide a sunburn (hopefully it doesn't happen this time).

My beauty routine is simple: I hydrate my skin every morning with a serum or apricot kernel oil. Then, I'll put on my mascara, the contouring pressed powder LN09, a blush ( I like Rosy flush because I feel that summer is a good season for pink) and my lipgloss that is super hydrating and goes a long way.

I wish you all a great summer!

Photo: Avril Franco

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