The natural beauty wellness transformation set in 6 steps

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Get this entire Six-Step beauty and wellness transformation Set to fully experience natural beauty at its best.

By using these six products every day, you will have fresh, clean and beautiful skin with little effort. In only three minutes, you are good to go, get out there and glow, naturally.

This set includes:

  1. Pure and organic Moringa oil 15 ml
  2. Textured Gel Base 60 ml
  3. Mineral Bronzer sun-kissed color for all skin types
  4. Clear Hydrating Lip Gloss
  5. Black Volumizing Mascara
  6. Perfume Oil of your choice

Plus, for the entire month of July, this set comes with a gift: the synthetic powder brush, a $45 value.

    Start with pure Moringa oil on damp skin for deep hydration and nourishment. 

    • Add the textured gel Base for an even deeper hydration and get all those plant-based ingredient benefits. The base will lock in moisture, protect you against environmental harshness and prep your skin for makeup application.
    • Enhance your look with our Volumizing black mascara to illuminate those eyes. After all, you are an amazing person who made the right choice by opting for eco-friendly beauty products!
    • With the LISA NOTO synthetic powder brush, apply the Mineral bronzer around your face as a contouring powder. Finish off the remaining powder on your cheek bones, eye lids and the tip of your nose.
    • Once you apply our Clear hydrating lip gloss you will wonder how you ever did without it! It smells like heaven, works as a lip balm and adds a touch of shimmer to your look, just enough to give you that healthy glow and sophisticated sensuality. 
    • The last touch is the Perfume oil because when you smell good, you feel good, right? LISA NOTO Perfume oils are all-natural with a tantalizing, rich blend of earthy, floral and citrusy fragrances. The scent never feels overwhelming and it lasts for many hours, releasing, over time, the many layers of its aroma mindfully crafted for your well-being and happiness.

     This beauty wellness transformation set is a value of 248$. 

    To know the list of ingredients of each product as well as their benefits, click on the product and read the information on the page.