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This trio includes a textured gel base 60 ml, a concealer of your choice and a mineral bronzing powder for all skin types.

For a radiant, healthy glow in less than two minutes, this easy-to-use trio will enhance your natural essence. The smoothing textured gel base makes skin silky and luminous and is the first step for a smoother makeup application. The full coverage concealer, used in small touches in the corners of the eyes and the red areas of the face, will even out the complexion and improve it very subtly throughout the day. The bronzing powder contours and enhances your facial structure. It adds just enough color to give you that radiant bloom, and final touch that gives that little "je ne sais quoi" which makes all the difference.
You're ready to face the dull weather like a pro!

This combo is a value of 148.50$ and for a limited time only.

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