Confidence Boost Set

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Cheek Tint

This set includes a concealer 20 ml of your choice, a latex free precision sponge applicator and a multi-tasking cheek tint of your choice.

Our confidence boost set is perfect to refresh your luminous color and radiance to the face during the dry winter season. It's easy to use, attacks the dark circles under the eyes and adds color to the cheeks. Moreover, the applicator sponge, when lightly wet and the excess water is squeezed out, feels like light drops of moisture on the skin. Use it to apply concealer under the eyes, on the eyelids and anywhere you want to blur redness and other skin imperfections. Its full coverage will camouflage the dullness and worries of recent times. The multi-purpose cream blush can be used on 3 areas: eyes, cheeks and lips, for a complete makeup look. Its translucent, luminous finish reflects the distant sunlight for a face that glows with beauty. It can be applied with the fingers and also with the precision applicator sponge to match the texture of the concealer.

Within minutes, there will be a confident smile on your face and a healthy glow on your skin.

This set is a value of 109,50$ and available for a limited time only.