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Fair Light
Deep Golden

Keep your skin healthy with this easy-to-apply, certified "Healthy glow assured" trio.

It includes a 15 ml Pure Moringa oil, our Tinted Moisturizer (color of your choice) and a Mineral Bronzer color Sun Kissed.

Step 1:

Deeply moisturize and give radiance to your skin with the wonderful Pure and Organic Moringa oil. This is our clients' favorite product that restores radiance, suppleness and hydration to skin and hair! Apply it after washing your face, on damp skin. A few drops are enough to moisturize the entire face, neck and tip of the hair. 

Step 2:

LISA NOTO natural Tinted Moisturizer gives radiance to the skin, smoothes and gently evens your skin tone. It moisturizes and protects thanks to the organic beeswax it contains. In fact, did you know that beeswax acts as a protective shield, a barrier against environmental stresses such as UVA/UVB rays, pollution and harsh climates. Non-comedogenic and non-blocking pores, beeswax protects the skin while allowing it to breathe. Choosing the tinted moisturizer is quite easy. Its translucent finish allows the application of a color that is not necessarily the same as our skin's color. If in doubt, go for a slightly darker color for a "sun kissed" effect.

Step 3:

LISA NOTO Mineral Bronzer is made of pure minerals. It contains natural pigments that give a satin complexion and a sun kissed glow. Since the mineral bronzer is highly concentrated in pigments, a small touch is enough to give a natural sheer to the face, calm skin and gently protect it. Enriched with buriti oil, the "nectar of the gods", this long-lasting bronzing powder will keep your skin hydrated with a golden glow all day long. It is suitable for all skin types since the golden color blends well with all skin tones. Apply it as a blush, eye shadow, as a contouring powder or all over the face for a natural looking tan.

That's it, you're done!

Your skin's health comes first with this three-step healthy skin. The healthy-glow that you get is just the thing for those automn days.

To learn more about our natural ingredients that have a real impact on your skin's health: Our ingredients

How to choose the color of the tinted moisturizer:

First, you have to know that it is translucent, meaning it will look natural even thought it is not exactly the perfect match to your skin tone.

Fair light is a beige with some pink undertone (beige rosé).

Light is golden beige, perfect for pale skin with freckles and yellow undertone. 

Toffee is for the mediterranean and latino light-brown and olive type of skin. It is also great for lighter skin tone if you want to have a sun-kissed look.

Honey is for light brown skin with orange undertone. 

Deep Golden Warm golden undertone (Bare skin has a golden or olive tone and tans easily in the sun).

Espresso For deep golden undertone.

To know the list of ingredients of each product as well as their benefits, click on name the product and read the information on the page.

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