Discover the power of Moringa beauty oil!

It contains 20 types of amino-acids that greatly benefit skin health & elasticity, 46 types of antioxidants, 36 anti-inflammatory compounds, four times more vitamin A than a carrot and seven times more vitamin C than an orange.


The benefits of the oil for the skin’s health & beauty are numerous. The seeds contain collagen that helps reduce fine lines and repair damaged skin cells. It is a very rich moisturizer thanks to the many mono & poly saturated fatty acids it contains. These fatty acids form a protective shield on the skin that retains humidity, keeping the skin plump and dewy. It is also an excellent oil for hair’s health. It is absorbed very quickly and the result never looks greasy.


Our moringa beauty oil comes from India. It is fair-trade & organic.


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Pure Moringa beauty oil 30 ml

  • Pure Moringa beauty oil is a health boost for your skin. Add a few drops to your day cream or even your liquid foundation for a dewy, glowy complexion. You can also add some essential oils (E.O.) to pure Moringa beauty oil. It will have a real impact on your skin’s health & beauty. For example:

    Lavender E.O. (healing, soothing)

    Chamomile E.O. (healing, soothing)

    Geranium E.O. (anti-age)

    Rose E.O. (anti-age)

    Neroli E.O. (revitalizing)

    Frankincense E.O. (regenerating)

    Patchouli E.O. (regenerating)

    You will get a real olfactory therapeutic experience as well as an intensive & luxurious treatment for your precious skin.

  • 100% pure moringa oil, organic, cold pressed, odourless, 98% colorless.

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