Perfume oil rose-vetiver 10ml

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Presenting the perfume oil rose-vetiver:

  • Concocted in Montreal in a slow creative process. 
  • Offers a fragrance that exhilarates with subtlety.
  • Each fragrance has top, heart and bottom notes according to the principles of traditional perfumery.

 How to use:

LISA NOTO perfume oil is in a glass bottle with a ball applicator or "roll-on" type. For effective application, roll the ball over the skin, especially behind the ears, along the neck, inside the wrists and elbows.


The rose-vetiver fragrance transports you to a majestic secret garden of the most exquisite scents.

  • The top note, composed of lime and palmarosa, is fresh and delicate. It rebalances and refocuses vital energies.
  • The heart note immerses you in a forest of Quebec white pine and Victorian rose; an experience that is both bewitching and comforting, elusive yet recognizable, a child's play.
  • The base note of precious myrrh and vetiver brings character, depth, and tenacity.  It emits smoky green wisps of aroma. The myrrh brings to the perfume its warm, sweet, dark, and sensual aspect. A fascinating combination that invites you to explore a hidden universe.

Buy as a unit or in combination with the LISA NOTO introduction set for a complete experience of the LISA NOTO wellness beauty routine and save money.