Minimalist Makeup Set

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Crème teintée
Fard à joues

This exclusive makeup set includes:

- Latex-free precision sponge applicator

- Tinted moisturizer (make your choice between Fair light, Light, Toffee, Honey, Deep Golden, Espresso)

- Cheek tint multitasking (make your choice between Maya, Rose, Bily)

- Black mascara approved by hyper-sensitive eyes

Presenting the simple, effective, minimalist makeup set signed LISA NOTO.
In less than two minutes, your skin will have a natural, healthy glow that makes all the difference to a successful makeup look.
Perfect for day or evening makeup look, with a beauty essential in the makeup kit, the latex-free precision sponge applicator. Use it for better application of tinted moisturizer and multitasking cheek tint. How? Damp, gently tapping on skin, amazing to add cover and have fun blending colors together for a supple and natural finish ✨🌱

Do not hesitate to send us a picture of you in daylight so that we can advise you on your color choices:

For a limited time only; Value of 154$

Happy beauty routine simplified ! Lisa Noto xo

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