Complete Deluxe Skincare and Beauty Set

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Toning floral water
Tinted moisturizer

This set includes a floral toning water with a few drops of essential oil of your choice 120 ml, a pure organic and fair trade moringa oil 55 ml, a textured gel base 60 ml, a tinted moisturizer in the color of your choice, a mineral bronzer for all skin types and a LISA NOTO synthetic powder and foundation brush*.

Here's everything you need for your skin's health and beauty🌿✨ The new LISA NOTO complete deluxe skincare and beauty set makes your morning routine easy. It's designed to restore radiance and a healthy glow in just a few steps, simply and effectively, with 100% natural products.

Apply in order:

Toning floral water 120 ml

Pure organic and fair trade Moringa oil 55 ml on damp skin

Textured gel base 60 ml

The tinted moisturizer in the color of your choice (send us a photo of you in daylight so that we can advise you

The mineral bronzer for all skin types with the LISA NOTO synthetic brush

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Available for a limited time only.

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