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Our style: An eco-friendly process.

 Quality. Simplicity. 

THE BRAND was founded in Montreal in 2013. 

We offer natural cosmetics with plant-based ingredients, vegetable oils and vitamins have a real positive impact on your skin's health. The products are designed to give you a feeling of well-being on a daily basis. It is all about a versatile beauty ritual that cares for, protects and regenerates your skin while giving it radiance and beauty. The eco-conscious process respects the planet and those who inhabit it. 


Lisa Noto is a wellness enthusiast. At the age of 12, she started as a public figure on television. A few years later, she began a 20-year career as a model. The importance of physical activity, outdoor activities and health in her life led her to study naturopathy. A devotee of yoga and meditation, she finds the balance between her life as an entrepreneur, mother and wife through a simple lifestyle based on the principles of holistic health and well-being. Her company also becomes her vehicle for change, respect for nature and all those who live on our planet.

Our products

Quality and purity of the ingredients.

Our products are designed for all skin types. They are simple and effective.

We use natural, plant-based ingredients, pure oils and vitamins. They do not pollute and do not affect adversely the health of the skin and body. Indeed, our products are free of petroleum derivatives whose production pollutes the environment (greenhouse gas emissions), synthetic colors (carcinogenic and allergenic), talc powder (carcinogenic, respiratory problems) and parabens (endocrine disruptor).

Our manufacturing team is respectful of labour standards and cares a lot about the quality of the work.

Our products are not tested on animals. They do not contain any animal ingredients except for beeswax which is organic. Our suppliers of beeswax respect the bees and do not threaten their lives in their wax manufacturing process. 

The production

An eco-friendly process.

LISA NOTO perfume oils are made in Montreal. The pure moringa oil comes from India. Our manufacturer is respectful of labour standards and of the land on which moringa trees grow. The oils are bottled in Quebec.

For each order made at our online store, a tree is planted to maintain the balance of nature. 

Our philosophy is to offer fewer products but of higher quality that can be used in many different, often ingenious, ways. Our products are designed for all skin types. Simple, hypoallergenic and effective, they can be used by the whole family. They will always be designed to meet several needs at the same time. For example, the Base gel texture is both a gel-moisturizer and a make-up base. In this sense, we encourage responsible and moderate consumption of goods for a better impact on the planet's health. 

We favour glass containers that are reusable and cardboard boxes that protect fragile products and are fully recyclable. Our in-store displays are made of wood, by hand, by Montreal artisans. 


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